100 000 daily active users on Monster Messenger!

100 000 daily active users on Monster Messenger !

Nithya Bartholomuz News

On Sunday 4, 2018, Monster Messenger, the safe messaging app for kids, made by eduPad proudly passed the 100, 000 Daily Active Users mark!

The app connects thousands of daily active users and among them parents with their kids, grand parents with their grand children, uncles with their nephews, children with their school friends and so many important ties 💖

Monster Messenger is the app that reunites users around the world in a safe way:

  • Conversations, images and language are moderated
  • Parents have full control over whom their kids talk to
  • Most of all, children CANNOT talk to strangers

68% of parents using Monster Messenger discovered the app through another parent’s recommendation.  Thank you to parents and children who trust us. 

PS: If you haven’t download the app yet, it’s available on Appstore, Playstore and even Amazon Store!

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