5 essential tips for giving your child his first phone at Christmas!

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Christmas is coming, and you’re thinking of giving your child his first phone? This day had to come…We have listed 5 essential tips for putting your child in the best conditions from the start!

Lean towards an inexpensive model with a weak SAR

Even if your child wants to have the most recent iPhone, he does not need such a model at his age. In addition, young children are energetic and unruly, so the most recent phone is at risk of not lasting long. It is therefore preferable to go for an affordable phone.

More importantly, verify that the SAR index (specific absorption rate) that measures the level of radiofrequency is the lowest possible (less than 0,7 W/kg).

Inform your child about the risks of using a phone

Using a phone these days doesn’t happen without the use of the internet or mobile apps. Therefore, it’s important to inform your child about the risks that the internet may pose if his usage becomes significant.

Regulate by implementing clear rules

To make both parents and children happy, it’s necessary to make an agreement with your child by putting rules in place (number of hours of use per day, forbidden apps, no phone at school or during mealtime…), which he will have to respect if he does not want his phone to be taken away.

Show your child by example

So that your child will follow your rules, you should follow them yourself and show by example. Indeed, it is even fundamental that adults disconnect from the internet, social media, and even their inboxes!

Inform yourself about innovations

It’s difficult to follow the news of new technologies, with new mobile apps and trends appearing everyday. Nevertheless, keeping an attentive eye is essential to having control and monitoring the facts and actions of your child on the internet.

For children’s first steps on the phone and the internet, we invite you to download Monster Messenger, the children’s messaging app available on IOS and Android, that initiates kids to using a messaging platform securely.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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