Children at the playground with their mobile communicating safely

6 tips to teach children how to use the Internet safely

Nithya Bartholomuz Actualités, News

The time to go back to school has almost come… An opportunity to meet up with schoolmates while getting back to work. But It also means that kids will have to use the Internet especially to do their homework.

Therefore, it is important to familiarize kids to the use of Internet without putting themselves in danger at an early age.”

In order to protect youngsters from the dangers of the web, we have listed 6 tips that should not be overlooked so that your children can use the internet safely:

① Manage the time that your little one spends on his/her tablet or mobile and teach him/her some basic instructions on the dangers of the Internet
② Find out who can see the content he/she puts online, think twice before posting content and keep his/her private data… private.
③ Secure the tablet and use tools as Google Safe Search that blocks inappropriate images
④ Only leave respectful and polite comments. No violence on the Internet
⑤ Set a secure and different password for each service
⑥ Do not communicate with STRANGERS

And that’s it, you’re now ready to start well! With Monster Messenger, the messenger kids love using to keep in touch with their parents, grand-parents and friends, you are safe! Contacts are approved by parents, content is moderated AND you don’t need to have a Facebook account.

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