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Activities to share with children in the Fall

Nithya Bartholomuz News

🍂 Fall has arrived 🍂

A city illuminated by fall colors takes its place, and it’s above all a beautiful season that allows children to prove their creativity!

What should you do with children in the Fall?

  • Have fun with piles of leaves on the ground and collect the loveliest ones to complete a drawing or even create a leaf crown.
  • Send personalized drawings and photos with fall colors to the loved ones you don’t see often, thanks to Monster Messenger, the messenger kids love!
  •  Go chestnut, apple, or mushroom picking.
  • Go for a walk in the woods with your children, pick up pine needles, paint them, and use them for decoration.
  • And finally, all that’s left is to prepare for Halloween:
    1. By creating a lovely costume
    2. By carving and decorating pumpkins


🎃Wash the Halloween pumpkin and cut off its top

🎃Remove its seeds and fibers, then hollow out the flesh of the pumpkin (you can cook it if you wish)

🎃Decorate and carve the pumpkin

🎃 Light a lantern

For more, check out the Monster Cookie recipe right here!

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