Thank you for trusting us!

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Dear parents, We made a short survey in our app, and asked you how you discovered our app. And results were.. astonishing! For the vast majority of you, the app was recommended through another parent!  THANK YOU to all of …

Safe Internet Day on Monster Messenger!

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Safe Internet Day (SID) took place on Tuesday 6th February 2018 and the objective of this event was to create a better internet for everyone especially for the youngsters. Monster Messenger developed by eduPad is an engaged SID supporter and the …

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas from the Monster Messenger team!

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We are approaching the end of the year on a high note! You have finished (or not! –we know you latecomers–) your Christmas shopping, and you are certainly getting ready to join your loved ones. And know that we are, …

100 million messages!

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Amazing news!  We just reached the 100 millions messages exchanged within Monster Messenger. You sent millions of stickers, gif, text messages, voice messages, drawings, and photos!  We’re happy and proud to be part of the everyday life of a growing …

Kids for Halloween

It's already Halloween on Monster Messenger!

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Go to Monster Messenger and discover our new gallery of stickers specially made for Halloween. Hurry hurry!!! Stickers we like but recipes we love… Here is a special recipe to make for Halloween with kids! Monster cookies recipe

Enfant en automne

Activities to share with children in the Fall

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A city illuminated by fall colors takes its place, and it’s above all a beautiful season that allows children to prove their creativity! Steps: Wash the Halloween pumpkin and cut off its top Remove its seeds and fibers, then hollow …