Monster Messenger’s policy in terms of users’ protection is dead-simple: 100% respect, zero-bullying.

Users who don’t respect other users will be banished from the service.

Learning to respect oneself and to respect other people is one of the key notions built during one’s childhood. These notions are largely shaped by the examples the child is confronted with, and by the way his/her role models (parents, teachers, heroes…) behave when exposed to violence and provocation.

Within Monster Messenger’s app, children are encouraged to report any behavior, conversation or content that bothers them. Swiping a conversation displays a “Report” option. Reported conversations are moderated by trained moderators. Depending upon the gravity of the issue, the concerned user’s spam score may be increased, the user’s parents may be notified and/or the user’s account may be temporarily suspended or permanently deleted.


Bullying and violence, in whichever their form or target, are not tolerated on Monster Messenger.