Why should I allow my children to use social media platforms?


Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are dangerous for children. That’s why the law forbids children from creating accounts before the age of 13. Unfortunately, these platforms are so appealing to children and pre-adolescents that it’s just not realistic to forbid them access.
Monster Messenger offers parents a secure alternative to traditional social media platforms.Monster Messenger allows children to engage in the interactions offered by social media platforms, with complete safety ensured through parental control features and safety rules.

Social media is dangerous for children

What parent would leave their child unattended in a public place? What parent would accept a stranger talking to his or her child without having given permission? No one!
But the problem of traditional social media platforms (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line…) is precisely that they are open networks, which shows concretely that any user who has signed up may contact anyone.

Letting a child use Facebook is like leaving him alone at the park and saying: ‘You can talk to anyone, it’s fine !

Media outlets overflow with random facts involving young adolescents who are victims of online bullying, blackmail, and fraud. Children and most pre-adolescents are not emotionally equipped to resist such virtual aggressive behavior that can have serious consequences in the real world.

Educators and psychotherapists agree that children are exposed to the following risks on social media:

  • Bullying
  • Fraud
  • Blackmail
  • Violence
  • Isolation
  • Addiction

“If it’s that dangerous, then I should just forbid my children from accessing social media!” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple…

Forbidding children from accessing social media is fanciful and counterproductive!


And the figures will make you dizzy:

  • 75% of children age 12 will sign up on at least one forbidden social media platform forbidden to those under the age of 13
  • It is believed that more than 2 million children under the age of 13 in France are signed up on social media platforms that are not suited for their age
  • Everyday, more than 1,500 new children will sign up in France!

The great majority of children who sign up on social media do so without their parents’ knowledge. 

How is it possible? It’s actually very simple: to sign up on a social media platform, you just have to lie about your age…Certain sites, in a hypocritical manner, even allow their users to change their birthdate once to arrive at the minimum age of 13!

Not only is it inefficient to forbid children, but it’s also counterproductive! A study conducted over two years on 10,000 families in the United States proved that children whose parents forbade access to social media behaved notably more poorly on the internet than other children; essentially, on average these children :

  • looked at pornographic content twice as much as other children
  • posted vulgar or violent comments twice as much as other children
  • pretended to be someone else online 3 times more often than other children

The reason for this is simple and well-known : all that is forbidden attracts children. This is why, for other topics as well, it is much more efficient to educate, guide, and communicate than to forbid.

It’s for this reason that we created Monster Messenger, leaning on pedagogical experience revealing what works best for children on apps. We have acquired this experience through our 160 educational iTooch apps, which are used by 5 million children around the world.

Monster Messenger responds to children’s expectations while guaranteeing their safety

A unique coaching program to digital matters for parents!

Discover Ms Broccoli conversations

There is no magic solution for the problem of children’s online safety, which rests partly on education and listening skills and partly on the choice of well-suited applications. Monster Messenger is the messenger kids and families have been waiting for! It is a tool that serves parents, fills a void, and lets parents offer a solution to their children rather than imposing a ban that won’t be respected. Monster Messenger also facilitates and reinforces parental education without replacing it.

The goal of using Monster Messenger should be guiding a child in his discovery of social media platforms, so that, when he signs up on one or many social media platforms “for big kids” (starting at age 13…), he will be “equipped” to resist violence, bullying, identity theft, and all the other dangers on social media.

The Monster Messenger teams are constantly listening to the ideas and comments of children, parents, educators, and therapists to improve the design and security of the application. So that the technology can serve children well, so that they may use it with joy in complete safety, and so that it can help them become balanced adults.

Do you have an idea, a comment, or a suggestion ? Contact us !

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