Ms Broccoli’s conversations

Ms. Broccoli suggests to parents a series of conversation guides with their children, to allow them to bring up main themes about digital matters and connected devices (tablets, phones, computers…).

These conversations last 30 minutes, and they are intended to allow parents the reassurance that their children are safe on the internet or when they are using apps.

When and how ?

To lead these conversations, we recommend you choose a calm moment, always at the same time, for example, Saturdays or Sundays after snack time. One good tip is to make this time a ritual exchange, a sacred and private time shared with your children, during which you bring up these subjects together.
If you are signed up as a parent in the Monster Messenger app and at least one child is associated with your account, Ms. Broccoli will suggest to you every weekend a new subject to discuss by sending you a notification in the app.

What are the subjects discussed?

Here is the list of subjects that Ms. Broccoli suggests to you. Remember that the list is a guide, you are completely free to choose some or all of these subjects, and to handle them in the order that seems the most appropriate to you.
We have listed the discussion subjects in the order of decreasing frequency among parent requests.

1. Bullying
2. Screen time
3. Protecting one’s private life
4. Politeness online
5. Why did I secure your phone / tablet?
6. Identity theft

Each Saturday during 6 weeks, Broccoli sends advices to parents!

And once we are finished with the list of conversation topics ?

Many parents have told us that, once they have exhausted the list of conversation topics suggested by Ms. Broccoli, they kept this conversation time slot in order to discuss other subjects with their children.
There is no limit to the number of subjects that may be brought up during these conversations. Like many other parents before you, you will probably discover very quickly that these conversations are moments of joy and precious exchanges, almost unaffected by the passing of time, during which you and your children will find great joy in discussing these important subjects.
Here are a few examples of popular discussion subjects according to parents which correspond to children’s questions:

• love
• family
• violence
• art
• beauty
• school
• work
• involvement
• respect
• …

News subjects, which impact children without them necessarily understanding all the proponents and end results, may be a source of questioning and stress for children. As such, these subjects may also provide a great starting point for discussion. Monster Messenger is the messenger kids and their families have been waiting for!

Who is Ms Broccoli?

Ms. Broccoli is the person who, at eduPad, collects feedback since 2011 and responds to the questions of 8 million children, parents, and teachers who use eduPad apps.
Ms. Broccoli adores children. She has rich experience in the best pedagogical practices, acquired by crossing paths with parents, teachers, psychotherapists, and child psychologists.
Ms. Broccoli follows the news on research involving educational methods and child and family psychology, and she participates regularly in events, round tables, and fairs around the themes of children and education.

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