New users FAQs

Monster Messenger is the messenger kids and families have been waiting for! It allows children to communicate with their friends and family. Children can’t talk to strangers! Parents validate all invitations and the content is moderated 🙂
In order to use Monster Messenger, you need to have an Internet connection and a device such as mobile or a tablet.
When an adult account is created and the kid has been added, you need to log out and log in either with the adult account or the kid account.
Example :I log in as Michel (dad) with the mobile phone and I log in as Leo (son) with the tablet. Michel and Leo are now able to communicate.
① The verification email is in your Spam folder
② The email address is misspelled in your profile
Make sure you always click on the latest email received, all the others become invalid.
① Make sure notifications are authorized for Monster Messenger
② Sound is activated on your device
③ Clear your cache
If notifications still don’t work, please contact us at feedback@edupad.com
Unfortunately, at this time notifications are only supported on Android and iOS devices and not supported on Amazon Kindle devices.

① Go to your account, click on my children, then select the child concerned
② Go to your child’s contacts
IOS devices: Swipe to the left the contact you want to block, then click « block ». Android devices: Long-click on the contact and click “block”.
How to block a contact for kid

Bots aren’t real persons, they animate Monster Messenger!

  • Freddy Security only sends messages when you don’t respect the rules of the app
  • Rocky sends messages when something new happens
  • Betty send you the images selected
  • Ms. Broccoli is informing parents

We also have bots that are specialized in showing safe videos

Betty isn’t a real person, so she can’t answer what you say. However, you can always send images and drawings to Betty. Maybe she will select them!

In order to block Betty from your child’s account you have to:
① Go to your account, click on my children, then select the child concerned
② Go to your child’s contacts
IOS devices: Swipe Betty to the left and then click block. Android devices: long-click on Betty and click on “block”

  How to block Betty for kid

To block Rocky and the other bots, it’s simple: go to their profiles and click on the “unsubscribe” button 🙂

Betty ONLY shares images that don’t contain recognizable faces. The content is checked and moderated. If the content is shared, it becomes a public image and is available to other users.
An image can be a public image ONLY if it doesn’t contain faces and is appropriate.
It’s not yet possible to add a second parent. However, the second parent can create another account and send a friend request to his kid.
A rainbow on your conversation means that you exchanged at least one message with this person today. The number is the number of days. For example, if you have spoken with a contact in the last 3 days, you’ll have a rainbow with a little « 3 » next to it.
In order to delete a picture from your collection, you only have to click on the heart at the bottom of the picture (red heart = collected picture; empty heart = picture deleted from collection).
Contenu retiré de la collection

This is not yet available. However if you log in as your kid, you can delete a picture by clicking on the heart at the bottom of the picture.

Images in Monster Messenger cannot be saved directly at this time. However you can make a screenshot :). From the screenshot you can edit your profile pic and click on “my pictures” then choose the image you previously screenshot.
Once a person connects on a device and then disconnects, she/he will appear in the list.

If you want to change your profile picture, you have to go on your profile, click the pencil next to the current picture, then change it with a photo you already have, a monster or a picture you will take.
We have just started using IA to moderate new avatars in real time. If the IA tells us your profile may be not appropriate, a human moderator checks it. This human check may take up to 24 hours (especially on weekends!). In the meantime, your avatar is replaced by a monster. As soon as your avatar has been moderated OK, it’ll display in the app.

Only your friends can see your private collection, and your daughter’s friends can see her private collection.

For information, public images are moderate: we do not accept recognizable faces, nor the inappropriate contents of course.

Freddy Security is a bot and is here to warn you in case you made any inappropriate action in the app. For example, if you invite people you don’t know, send inappropriate content in a conversation or have refused invitation requests.

A sent at least 5  messages to B during the last 30 days and B did the same.

A sent at least 10 messages to B during the last 7  days and B did the same.

Someone with whom I am AND with who I talk the most and it’s the same the other way.

Go to the conversations screen, click on the “conversation bubble” then select the people you want on the group and click on “ok”.

If your contacts have a Monster Messenger account:

– Search on the search window (second window, search bar at the top) by first name and name, or if you know it, by email or username
– Tap on the name once you found it
– Here tap on the “Invite” icon

If your contacts don’t have a Monster Messenger account yet:

– Tap on the “envelope” button at the bottom right of the search window
– Enter their email or phone number
– Tap on the “Send” icon (paper plane). This will send them either an email or a text saying “Laura invited you to join Monster Messenger”.

You can’t add people to your kids contact list from your “adult account”, you have to log in with the kids account and add the people.

Unfortunately this is not yet available.

You don’t have access to your kids conversations unless you log in with their accounts.

Unfortunately, you can’t delete a message for the moment. However you can delete a conversation.

IOS devices: Swipe to the left and click “delete”

Android devices: Long-click on the conversation and click “delete”

In fact, that’s the #1 feature asked from our users, and we are testing different options to offer this feature. It is not something easy to make right, but we should have a beta version sometime in 2018. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated on this!

The inspiration feed show your content, your friends content and also the ones that are trending on Monster Messenger.

You can deactivate it for your children, go to “my children”, select the kid concerned and deactivate the inspiration feed.

When looking a picture, if you click on the “plus” button, you will see a “report” link at the bottom left of the image. You just have to click on it to report 🙂

“Super Parents” are parents who have successfully invited at least another parent to use the app. The definition of “parent” is contextual of the app: it is a user with at least one children account attached.

  • Entering your school on Monster Messenger facilitate finding and adding your schoolmates
  • Win School awards, be the King or Queen of your school, be the Artist of the week or even the chatterbox of the week

More to come….

You can choose to enter your school on Monster Messenger and only you can see the school you’ve entered in your profile.

At this time you cannot block this feature but you can choose not to enter the school =)