Have you already found a gift for Father’s Day ?

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Father's day is in a few days… Did you find him a present ? If not, don’t worry! We have a solution… Here a small top 5 gift to make yourself.

1- Flying Superhero Father’s Day Craft

We all know Dad is a hero, and until the day he can really leap tall buildings in a single bound, we have these great Father’s Day craft to get him off the ground.

Print the template here

2- Paper Weaving Father’s Day Bookmark

Are bookmarks fun Father’s Day gifts? If reading is one of Dad’s top priorities, then heck yeah. And this Father’s Day bookmark makes it even more so. Just make a very cool tie that Dad will actually make use of — and better yet, include a favorite book.   

Print the template here

3-  DIY Father’s Day Washi Tape Tie Rock Paperweights

You can make these cute Washi tape tie rock paperweights in no time with the kids! This adorable personalized gift doubles as a great doodling activity, and only requires a couple simple supplies.

4-  Cute Father’s Day Cards Kids Can Make

Make dad a colorful shirt card kids can decorate with pom pom buttons and other cute ways, fill-in the blank cards, punny “hooked on daddy’ fish cards, and more creative ways to show dad how much you love him.

Here all the instructions

5- Tape Resist Father’s Day Mug

Cute, artsy and functional – who wouldn’t want this adorable handmade mug from kids on Father’s Day? Fill it up with his favorite coffee beans.

For you gift to be strong, use enamel paint, it’s more resistant it’s shiny!

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