MS. Broccoli

I hate vegetables! MS. Broccoli
  • ms brocoli
  • ms brocoli with flowers
  • ms brocoli holding bart
  • Drink tea with scones, and read fresh news about the British Royal Family
  • Vegetables! Especially green ones.
  • Dream: one day, she will be a Queen!

Miss Broccoli is a monster who hides a golden heart!
She’s here to make sure all parents tell their children they love them.
She also loves to share her ideas and knowledge about education, childhood… let’s say it, it’s her “first in class” side. And we love it!

In Monster Messenger, she has a mission : each saturday during six weeks, she sends advices to parents, on digital matters and children. How can we teach them to protect their privacy online, to manage their screen time for example. Discover all Ms Broccoli’s conversations here!