Safe Internet Day on Monster Messenger!

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“Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you”.

Safe Internet Day (SID) took place on Tuesday 6th February 2018 and the objective of this event was to create a better internet for everyone especially for the youngsters. Monster Messenger developed by eduPad is anĀ engaged SID supporter and the whole week was dedicated for Safer Internet Day.

  1. Monster Messenger raised parents awareness through programmed posts on the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and shared articles in their website so they realize how important it is to unite for a better internet
  2. Monster Messenger raised kids awareness through their application with a comprehensive set of actions targeting the kids (and the parents). Games, drawings, notifications and links to SID content were sent.

Cutest drawings Monster Messenger received


Cutest messages Monster Messenger received

We asked the kids of Monster Messenger ” What would you say to comfort someone who looks sad?”

#1 When it rains look for a rainbow, when it’s dark look for the stars

#2 Don’t doubt yourself and ignore the people that are mean to you

#3 If the rain gets you down, remember you are a rainbow

#4 Think of all the happy times you had

#5 Sad or not, Monster or not, you’re cool

#6 Don’t worry, we are all by your side

#7 If you think of your favorite things you won’t feel so bad

#8 Don’t be sad, look at all the good things around you

#9 It’s going to be fine, I promise

#10 I’m here for you, let’s go play

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