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Dear users,

During the last 2 years and a half, we’ve been working hard to design, craft and operate the safest and coolest instant messaging experience for children and their families.

And we succeeded in building a strong and fast growing community of truly engaged families. From the abundant feedback we received from you, Monster Messenger was obviously useful, educational, safe and trustworthy.

Thanks to parents’ support, Monster Messenger has been an amazing success

  • 300K monthly active users
  • 50K daily active users (astounding 17% stickiness)
  • 20% monthly growth
  • 40M messages exchanged per month
  • 3 sessions/user/day
  • Snapchat level of retention for users with 6 friends or more, Instagram level of retention for users with 12 friends or more
  • 89 parent’s Net Promote Score (same as Apple’s NPS…)
  • 10% of US schools penetration
  • Hundreds of daily parents, children and grand-parents praises and feedback
  • 4.6 rating on the App Stores
  • Best App for Kids and Families at the Lovies Awards (3,500 competitors)
  • in the selection of the top 20 apps for kids and families by Google since Sept. ’17

Unfortunately, building a safe social network is neither simple nor cheap. We were a team of 7 highly experienced people at eduPad working full time on the project, with a lot of servers and providers involved. And we didn’t (or only marginally) monetize Monster Messenger, with the target of growing our audience with an uncluterred experience. As we grew (fast), so did our operating costs.

So we had to raise venture capital money to complete our vision. Unfortunately, we failed at convincing investors of the potential of Monster Messenger.

As we run out of cash, Monster Messenger service will be terminated as of August 31, 2018

We are currently exploring ways to reboot Monster Messenger or to join forces with someone who shares our vision, so that we can go on providing a safe, fun and trustworthy communication experience to children and their families all other the world.

It has been a pleasure and an honor for all of our team to provide Monster Messenger to children and their families during all this time.


Jérôme Serre
eduPad’s CEO


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