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Dear users,

During the last 2 years and a half, we’ve been working hard to design, craft and operate the safest and coolest instant messaging experience for children and their families.

We had the belief that parents deserved to have the choice when it comes to introducing their children to digital social life.

And we succeeded in building a strong and fast growing community of truly engaged families. From the abundant feedback we received from you, Monster Messenger was obviously useful, educational and safe.

Thanks to parents’ support, Monster Messenger has been an amazing success

  • 300K monthly active users
  • 50K daily active users (astounding 17% stickiness)
  • 20% monthly growth
  • 40M messages exchanged per month
  • 3 sessions/user/day
  • Snapchat level of retention for users with 6 friends or more, Instagram level of retention for users with 12 friends or more
  • 89 parent’s Net Promote Score (same as Apple’s NPS…)
  • 10% of US schools penetration
  • Hundreds of daily parents, children and grand-parents praises and feedback
  • 4.6 rating on the App Stores (Messenger Kids by Facebook, our sole competitor, has a 4.2 user rating)
  • Best App for Kids and Families at the Lovies Awards (3,500 competitors)
  • in the selection of the top 20 apps for kids and families by Google since Sept. ’17

Unfortunately, building a safe social network is neither simple nor cheap. We were a team of 7 highly experienced people at eduPad working full time on the project, with a lot of servers and providers involved. And we didn’t (or only marginally) monetize Monster Messenger, with the target of growing our audience with an uncluterred experience. As we grew (fast), so did our operating costs.

So we had to raise venture capital money to complete our vision.

Unfortunately, we didn’t succeeed in convincing investors of the potential of Monster Messenger.

The main feedbacks we received from the 100+ investors we contacted were that our growth (20%/month) was considered to be not fast enough, that our community was too small, that trying to build a new social network in 2018 was crazy difficult and that monetizing our target audience would be even harder. The truth is no investor is willing to challenge Facebook’s Messenger Kids on the under 12 segment. We believe it is sad, because monopolies are bad for customers in every situation, but even more when this monopoly is global and concerns young and influencable children.

As we run out of cash, Monster Messenger service will be terminated as of August 31, 2018

We believe that the current conditions of venture capital market don’t allow the emergence of a private inititiative for a safe and educational social network experience for children like the one Monster Messenger provided. We are open to other, no-commercial business models which could offer a safe and unbiaised alternative to parents and their children. If you are interested, please contact us at contact [at]

It has been a pleasure and an honor for all of our team to provide Monster Messenger to children and their families during all this time.


Jérôme Serre
eduPad’s CEO


UPDATE Sept. 4, 2018:

Since the announcement of Monster Messenger’s imminent shutdown, we’ve been literally overwhelmed by thousands of feedbacks from parents and children ask us not to let Monster Messenger down. It is not possible for us to answer to all these feedbacks, but, once again, thank you and kudos for your support. A lot of parents requested a subscription based model, in order to make the app sustainable, and a lot of children offered to give us all of their pocket money! We unfortunately don’t have the resources at this time to develop a paid version.

The good news is, as we announced shutdown of the service, several companies and startups contacted us in order to explore if they could “save” Monster Messenger. We’re currently discussing with these “White Knights”, and hopefully someone is going to take on from here.

So, please don’t uninstall the app now, so that if there is a reboot of the service in the upcoming monthes, we have a mean to inform you via a notification. Time to light a candle! 🙂


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