Discover how Monster Messenger protects your children

Monster Messenger offers all the standard features of modern instant messaging apps. The only–yet fundamental–difference, is that Monster Messenger addresses children under 13. It’s THE alternative to messenger kids launched by Facebook.

That’s why we have developed a specific set of features, designed with therapists and parents, in order to protect and educate your children against any problems they might be confronted with.

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Your child can’t talk to strangers

When your child sends an invitation to or receives one from someone with whom he/she has no connection, you have to approve the invitation before they can chat.

Protection of conversations

Conversations are meant to be private, so that’s why only people participating in a conversation can have access!

Keep harassment away

Is a contact bothering your child? Block him/her in one click!

Delete conversations

In Monster Messenger, one can delete a conversation. Forever. For everyone. If only this feature existed in real life! 🙂 More…

100% free

In order to offer the best communication experience for children and their families.


Users who don’t respect other users are banned from Monster Messenger by the moderators.

Everything is under your control

You have full control over whom your children can talk to.

Public content is moderated

A mix of automated and human controls ensures that only appropriate content is visible to all.

We are dedicated to providing the safest, funniest and simplest instant messaging service to parents and their children

Your feedback and ideas help us improve the Monster Messenger experience, so tell us what you love, dislike or would like us to add to the App!

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