Subscription FAQ

How subscriptions work in Monster Messenger

We’d love Monster Messenger to remain free. It has been so from launch, in February 2016, until August 31, when we ran out of cash and had to shutdown Monster Messenger.

When we broke the news, we received TONS of users’ feedback, asking us to offer a paid version of the app.

That’s why we’ve rebooted the app with subscriptions.

Subscriptions are the only way we can provide a fun, safe, trustworthy and sustainable communication environment for children and their families.

Just like in real world, nothing is free online.

When a service is free, you’re paying by giving your “attention”, which is a nice way of saying you’re paying with your brain and your soul.

No one whats that for children.

The thing is, the alternative is paying the cost of the service with real money, hence the subscription.

We don’t know if enough parents will be willing to pay for Monster Messenger for it to remain available.

We hope so, because, like thousands of parents, we love Monster Messenger and we don’t want to give our children’s brain to internet behemoths.

Monster Messenger is available in 3 plans: Duo, Family and Tribe.

  • Duo plan is perfect for 2 users, for instance one parent and a child or 2 grand-parents
  • Family plan is perfect for a group of up to 5 users, typically 2 parents plus up to 3 children
  • Tribe plan is perfect to host the whole family group of up to 20 users: parents, children, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a few friends

When you subscribe, if you have children tied to your account, they’ll automatically benefit from your subscription. That’s why, if you have 2 children, the Duo plan won’t be available to you (Duo plan can host 2 users, for instance yourself and one child).

You can share your subscription with family members and friends within your plan’s limits. To do so, you just have to send the people  you want to share your account with your account sharing code. Your account sharing code can be found in the settings of the app in the “MY SUBSCRIPTION” page.

Well, that means we’ll have to add another FAQ! 🙂

If your question is general, please check our global FAQ here first: General Monster Messenger FAQ.

Still have an unanswered question on Monster Messenger subscriptions? Please drop us an email at Please note that we are very few of us right now, so we may be slow to answer, and that we won’t answer if the answer is already available in the FAQ or on our website.